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"Prayer is the inner bath into which the soul plunges itself." - St. John Vianney


Lover of My Soul
(c) Wanda Schwandt 2001

Life is distracting. Many voices call out for my attention. Many demands lured me away. All the while my Love whispered, “Come, visit with me." An allegory

I allowed myself to be torn away from my Beloved.

Once, when our relationship was new and exciting, my thoughts of Him were uninterrupted. My heart sang with joy at the mention of His name. We walked together on city sidewalk and grassy meadow. Many joyful hours were spent in His presence. The depth of His love for me was too incredible to fathom. He completed me.

Life was distracting. Many voices called out for my attention. Many demands lured me away. All the while my Love whispered, "Come, sit with me a while. Remember when we spent hours together, sounding the depths of our souls." His offer was attractive but I allowed more and more distractions to drive a wedge between us.

Shiny, glittering trinkets tempted me and obstructed my view. Friends showed off their baubles and envy distracted me. The rugged, outdoorsy image of my Love no longer looked as appealing. Walking a few steps away, He patiently waited to be noticed.

Daily work intensified and relationships became more complicated. Time flew past as I struggled to keep up with the world. "But, this is urgent," I’d cry. "They need me." My soul pulled farther away and inwardly I anguished.

"Come. Rest in My arms,"” He beckoned. "“I will show you again the secret to happiness."” But I rebuffed Him. Later, maybe.

Illness overtook me, driving me to bed, oppressing me to stillness. Depression drove me to my knees. Was there nothing more to life than striving after wind? Loneliness overtook my soul. I could no longer ignore His pleading. In desperation I clung to him, hugging His ankles with regret and repentance.

His strong arms pulled me up to meet His gaze. His eyes pierced my very soul. Kindness and gentleness enveloped me and I was again His own. "I never left you," He comforted. "I could have eased you through this brokenness, but you wouldn’t allow Me."

Slowly and tenderly, He healed me as I stayed in His presence. He was in no hurry.

Gradually my smile returned and peace replaced anxiety. The longer I spent by His side, the more I learned His ways and thoughts. I ached when He ached, and I reveled in His joy. The world’s values fell away from me. Now I walked among others and still belonged wholly to Him. My love was no longer that of a giddy, infatuated youth, but deepened into an intimate communion with the Lover of my soul.

Here's What You've Been Saying... About Lover of My Soul
You have focused on the submition of your love to our beloved Lord, and a swept away ... sort of glow that fills your soul. Way to go. Sometimes, there's too much talk of sin, confession and guilt associated with our relationship with "HIM" .. And that ... causes some .. much pain, as we tend to feel constantly inadequate. This piece is a most pleasant reawakening, and comfort for the spirit. Beautiful!-Judy

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